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Terry Trichell

QHHT Practitioner




   Terry began studying metaphysical subjects at an early age.  She has always been drawn to work which involved human relationships in one way or another, and has enjoyed assisting others to find the talents and skills which make them unique. She received a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in 1982 which became a good foundation for the roads she would travel later in her life. She's always had a natural curiosity of life and a genuine desire to help people in whatever role

she found herself, which has kept her on a perpetual road of teaching and learning, as she made her way through life as an Educator, Medical Business Manager, and Creative Designer. She and her husband have lived in Springdale, Arkansas since 1999, where they have raised two children.


     Terry has explored various alternative healing modalities, which she considers to be extremely beneficial preparations for the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique she has been practicing since 2014. When she was introduced to Dolores Cannon's unique version of hypnotherapy, she was astonished at the simplicity of it and the potential to go Directly to the Root of the problem, engaging the power of the client's own healing ability, which produced astonishing results--in just one session!


    Terry brings to the QHHT experience her innate ability to listen and assist others in their desire to find the answers and healing they are seeking.   

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Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tel: (479) 200-2001

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Terry has a profound gift and is a gift herself.  She created and held a space for me to experience deep and powerful healing.  From the time of our initial pre-booking conversation to our closing conversation after a QHHT session, Terry called on and created a space for me to connect with and experience loving energies, unlike any I have ever known. ...
Terry’s experience, gifts, and presence alone, creates an environment of pure connection and healing.  She helped lift a veil and break down walls I was not able to do alone.

Caitlin McDowell

Fayetteville, AR


At first, I wasn’t really sure of what to expect during my QHHT session, but I was pleasantly surprised by how at ease I truly felt. Never having experienced anything like this before, Terry Trichell is a calming energy to guide you through this enlightening process. I was able to discern so many aspects of myself and my walk through life that I had never been able to discern before. This was a journey I would certainly like to experience again and again!


Morgan Evans, R.N.

Dallas, Texas


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Jeannine Wagar's Photo.jpg

Terry Trichell is a natural healer and empath. When I walked into her office I felt safe and knew my issues were understood. After the session, I walked out and said, "Wow!" That one session has changed my life in many ways.

Jeannine Wagar

Music Director Conductor


I like the way you listened and did not try to “counsel” me. I was able to say things I have not shared before with anyone. I thought I had already released it, but discovered I had not.


…it has been a few days since I returned home, but the session scene constantly comes to my mind. I still can’t believe how terrific the session went. You are an amazing practitioner—thank you!


Quebec, Canada

I arrived at her office and immediately felt incredibly safe and comfortable in the space and knew I was in good hands.  We talked for nearly 3 hours before my session started - amazing synergy. 


I wouldn’t say QHHT is for everyone, but if you find yourself here on her site reading this review, then it’s something that’s looking for you - and consider this an invitation to explore.



Fayetteville AR

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