QHHT-During Session

What happens during a session?


A QHHT session consists of three parts: (1) the Interview, (2) the Regression, and (3) the Review.  A typical session lasts about 3-6 hours, and there are only two people in the room--the client and the practitioner. This is a very personal, one-on-one procedure, and no one else is allowed in the room.  I do my best to make sure you feel safe, confident, valued, and respected.  All information is kept strictly confidential. The session will be digitally recorded, so you may share it with whomever you wish afterwards.


Part (1) The Interview


     When you arrive, we will begin by "getting to know each other".  Actually, the meeting will be more focused on you than me, but this is a very important part of the process, because a large portion of the session's success will depend on your ability to relax and trust me to facilitate this wonderful experience for you. I view myself as sort of a welcoming hostess at this point, inviting you into my studio and hopefully, creating a feeling of safety, warmth, and relaxation for you, the same way I would treat a guest coming into my home.

     I will be asking you about yourself, just like I would if I were meeting anyone for the first time. Eventually, I will be asking you more about your objectives for our session and we will review your Questions together so that I have a clear idea of what information we are seeking. This is also a good time to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may have about the QHHT process.


Part (2) The Regression


    To prepare for the regression, we will both use the rest room so that we return fully relaxed and ready to begin our journey together. I will ask you to take your shoes off and lie down in a comfortable bed, fully clothed. The light will be dim and I will cover you and  ensure that you are very comfortable before we begin. I will sit in a chair next to the bed.

     I will begin by guiding you through a relaxing visualization. You will be listening to my voice as you use your imagination to picture what I am saying. After this visualization exercise, I will guide you to a past life that holds information which is appropriate and relevant to solving issues or concerns you may have in your current life. Your Higher Self will choose the most appropriate life or lives for you to review; ones which will have pertinent information which is most important for you at this time.  I will be asking you questions and you will be telling me the information that you are receiving. It could be pictures, feelings, sounds, a "knowing", etc. What ever comes to you in whatever way, you will tell me as it comes to you.

   After your past lives are reviewed, I will establish contact with  your Higher Self.  This is where we get all the answers to your questions and all healing is facilitated, if appropriate. It is important to keep in mind that you only acquire information that you are meant to receive at the time. If certain questions are not answered, it is either because they would not benefit you in any way or because the time is not right.

      You are then gently led back to full consciousness.


Part (3) The Review


     After you have been brought back to full consciousness, you will feel peaceful and relaxed, just like you have had a nice nap. We will review the details of your experience, and I will suggest you eat and drink a little before you leave. 


(Please Read "After Session" for important information.)





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”I like the way you listened and did not try to “counsel” me. I was able to say things I have not shared before with anyone. I thought I had already released it, but discovered I had not.


I had very, very vivid Past Life Experiences—it seemed so REAL! I have not experienced this before with any other practitioner.


…it has been a few days since I returned home, but the session scene constantly comes to my mind. I still can’t believe how terrific the session went. You are an amazing practitioner—thank you!”



                         M. A.Economics

                         QHHT Practitioner

                         Quebec, Canada


“I have been processing our session on and off since I left your office. I am so interested in the work you do. I know you are on the right path. I felt very comfortable with you…”


“Thanks for steering me toward good reads. I am grateful for the time you spent with me and grateful for the experience.”


-Sharon Guthrie, L.C.S.W.


Fayetteville, AR


“At first, I wasn’t really sure of what to expect during my QHHT session, but I was pleasantly surprised by how at ease I truly felt. Never having experienced anything like this before, Terry Trichell is a calming energy to guide you through this enlightening process. I was able to discern so many aspects of myself and my walk through life that I had never been able to discern before. This was a journey I would certainly like to experience again and again!”


-Morgan Evans, R.N.

   Dallas, Texas


“Terry is an amazing lady and practitioner. I felt a genuine warmth and caring from the moment we met. She reaches out in a way that affects and connects with you on many levels. Whether you are seeking answers or healing—you are in for a big treat!”


-Jennifer Olson

QHHT Practitioner


"I scheduled a session with Terry after reading up on QHHT. I felt that I only needed a session in which I could sit down and talk out what I have uncovered myself. She was very open minded and provided helpful insight in order for me to put the puzzle together, so to speak. I would very much recommend Terry to anyone that is searching for guidance or even just someone to listen to your thoughts."

- Justin -

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